Carpet re-stretch


The Longest Yard carpet re-stretching can buy you additional time before replacing your carpet

What causes the need for carpet re-stretching?

Improper carpet installation: A wall-to-wall carpet requires a tightly stretched installation, secured with the proper tack strips along the perimeter and preferably using a power stretcher. The temperature of the room should be at least 70 degrees prior to installation. If the carpet buckles/ripples/wrinkles within a year of being installed, as a best practice, the installer/retailer should correct the problem at no cost. It all begins with a great installation!

Furniture Move: Moving heavy items or furniture improperly is another common cause for carpet buckling. Items should be lifted off the carpet and moved, not dragged. If the item is too heavy, using gliders will minimize the friction. Another tried-and-true method is walking the piece between a couple of sheets of strong plywood. It may take a bit more time, but it will save you the trouble of needing a re-stretch later.

Humidity: Humidity can also cause carpets to buckle/ripple. Spaces where the temperature is unregulated can add moisture to the carpet on high humid days causing them to swell. The carpet may settle back to normal depending on severity and the amount of furnishing in the room. A dehumidifier or air conditioner will help minimize your carpet's moisture exposure.

Delamination: Carpet fibers are attached to a primary backing, held together by a secondary backing. When these two backings separate, it is referred to as "delamination". It can be caused by the age of the carpet, too much moisture, improper cleaning or a manufacture defect. If the carpet is within a warranty period, you can submit a claim with the manufacturer. The retailer may also assist with submitting a claim.

Timing is Everything: Buckled / rippled / wrinkled carpets are a tripping hazard!They only become worse over time and shorten the likelihood of re-stretching (to extend the life of the carpet) as an option. The ripples can become so severe, the carpet will crease/fold. If you've waited this long, a re-stretch will not likely improve the appearance.The carpet may lay flat again after a re-stretch, but the creases/folds will remain.

Cost: A re-stretch will start at $75 and up. The cost is determined by the square footage, level of severity, furniture move and whether seams need to be re-done.



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