Preparing for New Flooring (old)


Day of install:

Please ensure children and pets are not in the installation area. Pets should be in a safe place where they cannot run out of the house as the installer will be entering and leaving the premises.

Identify for the Installer any wiring that may be hidden behind moldings in the new flooring area, (telephone, cable, alarm, monitoring systems, etc.).


Unforeseen circumstances discovered once installation begins, such as a damaged subfloor, wet subfloor, pet urine soaked carpet, insect infested carpet, unleveled or uneven subfloors, termite damage, etc. can result in additional labor and material costs. Depending on the severity, a contractor may be required to address issues before the installation can continue.

Basic furniture includes:

Standard size sofa, bed, dresser & table

  • ALL small items should be cleared out of the space where the installation is to take place.
  • Surfaces must be completely cleared off. Ex: Lamps, fragile items ie: picture frames, knickknacks etc., & plants (we assume no responsibility for fragile items not safe-guarded by customer)
  • Closet floors should be cleared and clothes brought up three (3 ft.) from the floor.
  • If a bed needs to be disassembled, remove bedding and clear items under bed.
  • Remove glassware from china cabinets, books from bookcases and pictures from the walls.
  • Ikea furniture is especially fragile and must be completely emptied. Additional fees will be apply for oversized furniture that requires disassembling/reassembling.
  • All electronics must be disconnected – we will not be responsible for reconnecting any electronic equipment: Cable, TV, computers, etc.

EXCEPTIONS: Electronics, antiques, pianos, pool tables, waterbeds, aquariums, safes, exercise equipment, etc.These items should be moved before the installation day and some of these items should be moved professionally.



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There is a charge for moving appliances, but we are not responsible for old, crimped or faulty connections that may fail once disturbed. If you are aware these connections may be compromised, please contact a plumber or electrician to address prior to installation to avoid delays.

Carpet Installations:

  • Potential exist for minor scuffing of baseboards/walls. Scuffing will be worse with new paint – keep paint available for small touch-ups.
  • Tack strip is normally reused, but if it is damaged, we will replace it at No Charge.
  • Seams are not invisible. Having fewer seams requires purchasing more carpet.
  • Carpet removal – If you paid for this service, it will be cut into 4’ sections and placed at the curb or other specified location.Check with your municipality for disposal arrangements.

Hauling the carpet off the premises is an additional charge