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Carpet flooring has many valuable qualities that customer find ideal for their homes or businesses. For one thing, it's been around for many years and is likely a floor covering that you grew up with. You've become accustomed to the softness, the quiet environment it creates, and the fact that it matches any design scheme.

At The Longest Yard, we know how to help our customers find the best in floor coverings. We'll ask the questions to help you figure out exactly what you need as well as answering any questions you may have as well. We proudly service the areas of Nutley, Clifton, Bloomfield, and Montclair with a showroom located in Nutley, NJ. We invite you to stop by at your convenience, so that we can help you find the perfect carpet for your home.

Carpet fiber considerations



Warm and cozy, cool and comfy wool has superb insulating properties. It helps to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Its unique chemical structure means that they have a natural ability to regulate the humidity in your home. It quite simply breathes. Wool absorbs moisture from the air when the atmosphere is damp and releases it when its dry providing improved air quality and creating a more comfortable home environment.

Environmentally friendly - Wool is a natural renewable and recyclable resource that helps maintain the environment for future generations.
Non-allergenic - Wools are safe for your family. Wool is a non-allergenic fiber, it does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites, or give off harmful emissions.
Easy to clean - Natural resilience to dirt and soiling make wools exceptionally easy to maintain.
Naturally flame retardant - Naturally flame retardant, wools are difficult to ignite, do not melt and are self-extinguishable.
Crush resistant - Built-in strength, crush resistance and easy-care qualities make wools a natural choice for today's busy lifestyles.

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There are many features of nylon that make it an ideal choice for carpet fiber.

Durability - Nylon is a very strong fiber and it stands up very well to abrasion.
Resiliency - Nylon's resiliency is due in large part to the hydrogen molecule that constitutes part of its structure. Steam cleaning every 12-18 month reactivates the hydrogen molecule and allows the fibers to bounce back ensuring longevity.
Stain-resistance - Nylon is a very absorbent fiber and must be protected with a stain treatment. Advances in stain treatment technologies mean that today's nylons are more stain-resistant than ever before.


Once thought to be a poor quality choice, has seen many recent improvements.Not only are they beautiful, they also have a luxurious feel.

Stain resistance - Perhaps one of the biggest draws of polyester is its inherent stain resistance. Polyester is referred to as a closed-cell fiber.
Durability - Due to technological advancements, the gap between polyester and nylon has been drastically reduced. Polyester is stronger and more durable than ever before demonstrated by the longer warranties the higher-end polyesters now carry.
Eco-friendliness - Although synthetic fibers are not as ecologically-friendly as natural fibers such as wool, polyester is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibers. Polyester fibers require half the energy to produce as nylon fibers.
Cost - Relative to nylon, polyester carries a lower cost, due to the lower cost of raw materials and production. Thus, it is a great option for budget-driven renovations, and it offers good value for the money.

No matter which fiber you choose, it's important to understand the necessity of a professional installation. Feel free to talk to your flooring professional about the specifics, so that you'll understand the complete process.