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The Longest Yard certified flooring installation ensures professional quality workmanship for all flooring products

Most homeowners probably don't know that each type of flooring product requires its own special installation technique. Our experts understand them all!

Professional flooring installation is every bit as important as the flooring products themselves. A flooring product will only perform as well as it's installed and the manufacturer's warranty will be secured. The Longest Yard prides itself on offering quality installations by our well-trained experts and they are guaranteed for one full year. We are licensed, fully insured and certified flooring installers that provide flooring products and services for Essex, Union, Bergen, Hudson and Passaic counties New Jersey and other nearby communities.

The Longest Yard has in-depth experience with the installation of carpet, carpet tile, solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl tiles and planks, ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble tile and more. Whatever flooring product you prefer, our installation professionals will make it happen for you.




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Professional flooring installation is important

To find the ideal flooring for your residence is challenging, because flooring is an expensive investment that deserves special consideration. Most flooring product manufacturers and dealers strongly recommend professional flooring installation to ensure both the quality and longevity of your new floors. Here's why:

  • Professional flooring installation protects warranties - There are some types of flooring that appear to be easy to install. Flooring manufacturers market their products to "Do-It-Yourselfers" to increase their sales totals. While some homeowners may be adequately experienced to install their own flooring, manufacturers will refuse to honor their flooring warranty if the problems resulted from improper installation. No matter how much you paid for your flooring, you will be out that money and have to do it all once again.
  • Hiring a professional actually costs you less – At first glance, it may well appear that installing your own floors will save you money. However, consider the tools that you have to rent, for one thing. Tool rentals can be quite costly depending upon the length of your project and the total amount of flooring that you must install. Another thing to consider is the fact that if you make mistakes, replacing the materials will represent another additional cost. Now, if you must add in the cost of having an expert come in to fix those mistakes, you will surely discover that doing it yourself has become more expensive than you imagined.
  • Professional flooring installation will be faster – Very few homeowners are flooring experts. If you have to learn how to use the tools you need, perhaps you should think about your skills more realistically. Finally, trouble can show up quite quickly if you are planning on remodeling a large percentage of your home without any earlier experience. You will undoubtedly spend more time trying to figure out how to get your project underway, than a professional would take to complete it.
  • You'll have better results with an expert - Let's be realistic. As with most things, there is a striking difference between something done by an inexperienced person and something done by an expert. For the ideal results you expect, you will be better off if you trust a licensed and experienced flooring installation professional.

In the long run, hiring a flooring expert will save you stress, time and money. The Longest Yard is here to help. Call us, contact us online, or stop in at our Nutley, NJ showroom to discuss your need for flooring installation and get your free quote today!